Why is Heat So Important in Making Cannabis Oil?

There are “do it yourself” articles all over the internet, describing how to make marijuana, hemp, hash, BHO, or Cannabis oil yourself.  This process can be made simple and safe if we always remember to only use flammable solvents outdoors away from any sources of ignition (flame, static, anything electric) given the highly combustible properties of the solvents needed for extracting the essential oil. Most methods of purging the residual butane from the product are simply not efficient and don’t produce the best quality oil.
The best way to purge oil is to combine two complementary processes during extraction: vacuum and heat. The HeatVac utilizes an internal temperature controlled work surface that will maintain a set temperature (while the vacuum is constant) during the entire extraction process. The heat causes the gases in the material to expand, while also melting the product, making it easier for the gas or solvent to be removed from the material.

Unfortunately, most vacuum chambers marketed today do not have the added advantage of an internal heat source. Using a heated vacuum chamber (www.heatvac.com) makes the process of extraction much quicker and creates the purest essential oils possible.

When making BHO the consistency of the final product is very important. The HeatVac can be digitally set to your desired temperature, making different consistencies much easier. When the product is purged at a higher temperature around 115 – 140f, it is possible to produce several types of budder or wax. A smooth honey can be made at temps around 160f. And the most desirable, with the most flavor / terpenes remaining is known as shatter. This stable product is made at low temperatures around 88-100f, requires long vacuum times and produces a brittle, touchable sheet of glass-like consistency.